ramblings and nonsense

I have no idea what will end up on this blog, in fact I have no idea why I even started a blog. Undoubtably I am sure I will find an overwhelming urge to occasionally unleash an onslaught of half-baked opinions or, more commonly, a monotonous commentary of unintelligible drivel.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Frappr Map

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cardiff's big weekend is nearly here!

I tell you something, had I not stumbled across a bunch of carnies setting up all manner of contraptions and stalls in Cardiff today I wouldn't have even known about the "Admiral Big Weekend". I mean I've noticed over the last week or so there has been an increasing number of crazy street performances in Queen Street (one of which included a mock pirate ship) but I had put it down to the weather, or that the mental institute was on compulsary summer shutdown. Well it turns out there is actually stuff happening this weekend, I'm not sure what exactly but I heard mention of "free" and "concerts" in the same sentance so maybe I can find a reason to ventre towards the city centre this weekend.
My favourite fairground ride I noticed today had a rather constipated looking Tina Turner airbrushed on the side. At first I was not sure whether the famous songstress had been depicted in some kind of strange ritual or whether she was cocking her leg like a dog marking it's teritory. None the less one childish giggle later my lunch break was over and I was back to work.

On a more personal level my Cardiff big weekend is happening in the back yard of my house. Tomorrow I will be attempting a barbeque, which almost certainly means it will now rain. At least I have a good supply of beer and wine to keep me going. Bye for now!

my first blog post

So, this is it. I've lasted so long without a "blog" and here I am. Slightly inebriated by the currently plentiful supply of alcohol in my fridge, I'm not even sure "why" i'm even writing this? If anyone knows, answers on a post card please.

Anyways, a little about me. I am John. Despite having been fully immersed in "the Internet" so to speak for the last 8 (probably) years the whole point of a blog has so far eluded me. However, with increasing amounts of "free moments" packed around my hectic work schedule along with the fact that no-one in my office listens to my rants anymore I thought why not unleash my rather poor sense of humour or uninformed views towards you, fellow "bloggers".

In future I will try not to be so boring, and as I go on will let you all know more about me. I would tell you now but I have decided not to on the assumption that very few people will actually read this post before I get round to putting another one up and that if i reveal all now you'll have no reason to come back.

I think that will do for now, I've probably typed more here in 10 minutes then I would in a normal day. Goodnight.